Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy New Year's Nails!


Want a quick way to add some sparkle to your New Year's Eve? All you need to create this look is a nail file, your favorite nail polish, a base/top coat, and some regular old glitter.


Ready? Grab your nail file and shape up those nails. I like to keep mine short, especially for this look. I paint all of my nails expect for the ones that be will glittered first and let those get pretty dry. Have you seen the PAM (yep, the cooking spray) trick on Pinterest? It really does dry your nails instantly.

Now it's time for the fun stuff. Shake a good amount of glitter into a small cup - I like extra fine glitter. Give your nail a thick swipe of base coat and imediately dip your whole nail into the glitter. Let that layer set up a bit (2 minutes should do it) and repeat the process on that nail. When the second layer is still soft gently push the top & edges inward to make a clean line. Your nail file or orangewood stick work great. Finish your nail off with a few layers of top coat and repeat on the other hand. Now you're ready to ring in 2013!

Products I used:
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
Essie Super Duper Top Coat
Recollections (Michael's) Extra Fine Glitter - Copper
Beauty Secrets Fine 240/400 Grit File

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