Friday, August 30, 2013


1. Last weekend we spent the day on our friends' boat. The weather was beautiful - we floated, soaked up the sun and the guys enjoyed some cigars. It was the perfect way to send off summer (hear that summer? I'm ready for you to leave now)

2. Minion Dynasty - thank you for combining my favorites.

3. While looking through my phone pics I came across this - I can't believe I never shared it! This is the Pink School House in Mason, Michigan...isn't it adorable? And yes, its been pink since it was built in 1854. :) It makes me happy happy happy.

4. I love this idea from Chatelaine. I started swapping out our summer décor to fall this week. I broke our the snuggly pillows and cozy winter throw blankets. Then I moved on to my fall mantle. The gentleman of the house looked at me a bit odd when I broke out the pumpkins. Even though its still in the 80s outside we are ready for fall on the inside. I think I'm trying to will fall to happen.
if you build it they will come

5. My favorite little guy on one of our many post office runs. We have quite a routine...this is his "let's stop for treats" face. <3

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites - 8/23

Oh hey, remember me? I've poked my head out from my office just long enough to share my Friday Favorites with you. :) Eventually I'll have some of my own projects to share, but not just yet...I'm building the suspense!

But first I have some exciting news to share! One of my Etsy items was featured on this week (as in Brides Magazine). I knew the bride would be blogging about my "Pop the Question" bottle labels but I had no idea it was going to be on such a well-know platform. If you want to check it out Ilana's blog post can be found here. I am still blown away by the blessings & success my little shop has received! Anyway, on to my favorites... oh, and p.s. if you pin please pin from the original source! :)

Favorite Living Room

Not only do I love this room, I love this blog. I've started following a few Norwegian home blogs (thank you Bing "translate page" button). I am in love with how these ladies can make such a simple color palate look so inviting. This particular blog (Villa Paprika) is run in conjunction with a shop. I'm not even sure if they ship to the US but I have my eye on several items!

Favorite Quote

Be gracious if it kills you...Ms. Elsie got that right.
{no source found}

Favorite Seating

I've been on a mission to find some new dining chairs since ours have been falling apart right & left. (Nothing kills your self-esteem quicker than breaking a chair) We (or I) decided that we wanted a bench on one side of the table & a pair of chairs on the other. After endlessly searching the web for the perfect cream linen, tufted bench I found this one. Which is not cream, linen or tufted. But the price was MUCH less than any others I found so I ordered it! Here's hoping our 2 remaining chairs will survive long enough for me to find a new pair.

Favorite Kitchen/Dining Space

There really isn't anything in this space that I don't like. The table, the chairs, the chandeliers...
{no source found}

Favorite Bar Cart Styling

I've been seeing gorgeous bar carts all over the place and can't help but want one! While I was in Michigan I even found the cutest table to re-make into one...I didn't have a way to get it home so its still there. I love the way this one has been styled, especially the shoes! :)

Favorite Purse

One of my favorite handbag designers (Jenna Kator) is holding her Summer Clearance and I just couldn't resist this. I've had my eye on this oversized wrislet all summer and at 40% off with free shipping how could I not!

How about you? Have you come across any great finds this week?

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yellow Doors & A Flip Flop Wreath!

I've been visiting my mom in Michigan for the last week and wanted to share one of my favorite projects she recently did. Last summer my parents bought a lake house here which will eventually be their permanent home. The previous owners were really into grey. Like really. Every single wall is painted the same shade of grey, the carpet and flooring is grey, the siding is (can you guess?)...GREY. My mom has been hard at work trying to infuse some color in the place!

Since the exterior is all grey with white trim she decided to paint her entry doors yellow! She picked a Dutch Boy color called Sweet Corn and used an Exterior Paint & Primer blend. I wasn't here for the actual painting but she said it went on easily and dried really fast.

Isn't her flip flop wreath adorable?! She just glued cheapie little girl's flip flops to a wreath form and added a few silk blossoms. So perfect for lake living! Here is a close-up:

Since the "front" of the house faces the lake there isn't a true entrance from the street. The doors above are on the side of the house and when you enter from the street you go right in to the she painted that door too! Doesn't that door just beg for a cute "Welcome to the lake" sign??

Here is a quick before shot. See the white door behind us? Looks much cuter now doesn't it?! Even though I'm sure you could imagine what the doors looked like before I had to share an Instagram of me and my cutie cousin from the 4th of July. She helped me with the Sundae Campfire Cones post and I promised she could be on the blog. :)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Leopard Love

Year after year leopard print is constantly found in fashion & décor. When done right it truly is timeless (and it's also my favorite pattern).

Favorite Leopard Chairs

I love the unexpected use of leopard fabric on these traditional, elegant chairs.

Favorite Leopard Scarf

I have one just like this! It is my go-to accessory to dress up a casual tee.

Favorite Leopard Rug

Love the leopard rug mixed with more casual furniture. {source}

Favorite Leopard Mani

Favorite Leopard Bed

{source - now defunct Southern Accents mag}

Favorite Leopard Shoes

Just ran a quick tally, I have 5 pair of leopard shoes. I see no problem with that. :)

Favorite Leopard Throw

My husband would never go for a leopard headboard like the one above. I think he'd be just fine with a subtle leopard throw blanket though! {source}

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