Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites - The Mich Edish!

Brian & I leave tomorrow for Michigan - so excited! In a way I consider it "going home" even though I've never lived in the state. Nearly all of my extended family does & now my parents do, you know what they say "Home is where your mom is"! In honor of the trip I decided to do a Michigan Edition of my Friday Favorites. I am on a one-woman campaign to bring attention to the beauty of Michigan, it is so much more than Detroit, Kid Rock & Eminem!

Favorite Coffee

AM Coffee for Tired People {Dippin' Donut Blend} by Paramount Coffe Co.
I actually discovered this Michigan favorite by accident. The cute pink chevron package caught my eye at TJ Maxx (at home in PA no less) and I decided to try it. I brewed a pot as soon as I got home and LOVED it. Imagine my surprise when I flipped the bag over and saw that it was made in Lansing, MI - in a building I've passed many times!

Favorite Shop

{Picture is from the Little Luxuries Facebook page!}
It's no secret that I LOVE going to Mackinac Island. On a visit last summer I discovered the most wonderful shop: Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island. They carry something for everyone and the displays are SO cute. The shop expanded over the winter and I can't wait to check it out! My mom & dad gave me a Jenna Kator purse from Little Luxuries for Christmas and it came with a handwritten thank you note as well and other little goodies, what a sweet touch!

Favorite View

After hiking through miles of sand mountains you crest the last hill and are treated to a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. This hike is no joke though, 7 miles through mountains of blazing hot sand is not fun. You do get a chance to stick your feet into the freezing lake before making the trek back though! Next time I'm taking a drive to the scenic overlook. ;) One look at that view and you know why Lake Michigan real estate goes for big bucks.

Favorite Farm-Fresh Food

One of my favorite things about Michigan is the availability of farm fresh food. You can get it literally straight from the farm! Farmers set up road-side stands, many of which operate on the honor system (which restores my faith in humanity). There is nothing quite like sitting down with a bowl of fresh Traverse City cherries, apples from Uncle John's or organic corn picked from a Clarksville field hours before. And in other parts of the state you will find lots of grapes...and lots of wine! Michigan wineries are the leading producer of fruit wines, especially wine made with those Traverse City cherries.

Favorite Lake

Everyone knows that Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes but not everyone knows about all of the smaller, hidden gems throughout the state. This picture was snapped by my mom from her deck. That view of Morrison Lake never gets old!

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