Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites - 8/23

Oh hey, remember me? I've poked my head out from my office just long enough to share my Friday Favorites with you. :) Eventually I'll have some of my own projects to share, but not just yet...I'm building the suspense!

But first I have some exciting news to share! One of my Etsy items was featured on this week (as in Brides Magazine). I knew the bride would be blogging about my "Pop the Question" bottle labels but I had no idea it was going to be on such a well-know platform. If you want to check it out Ilana's blog post can be found here. I am still blown away by the blessings & success my little shop has received! Anyway, on to my favorites... oh, and p.s. if you pin please pin from the original source! :)

Favorite Living Room

Not only do I love this room, I love this blog. I've started following a few Norwegian home blogs (thank you Bing "translate page" button). I am in love with how these ladies can make such a simple color palate look so inviting. This particular blog (Villa Paprika) is run in conjunction with a shop. I'm not even sure if they ship to the US but I have my eye on several items!

Favorite Quote

Be gracious if it kills you...Ms. Elsie got that right.
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Favorite Seating

I've been on a mission to find some new dining chairs since ours have been falling apart right & left. (Nothing kills your self-esteem quicker than breaking a chair) We (or I) decided that we wanted a bench on one side of the table & a pair of chairs on the other. After endlessly searching the web for the perfect cream linen, tufted bench I found this one. Which is not cream, linen or tufted. But the price was MUCH less than any others I found so I ordered it! Here's hoping our 2 remaining chairs will survive long enough for me to find a new pair.

Favorite Kitchen/Dining Space

There really isn't anything in this space that I don't like. The table, the chairs, the chandeliers...
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Favorite Bar Cart Styling

I've been seeing gorgeous bar carts all over the place and can't help but want one! While I was in Michigan I even found the cutest table to re-make into one...I didn't have a way to get it home so its still there. I love the way this one has been styled, especially the shoes! :)

Favorite Purse

One of my favorite handbag designers (Jenna Kator) is holding her Summer Clearance and I just couldn't resist this. I've had my eye on this oversized wrislet all summer and at 40% off with free shipping how could I not!

How about you? Have you come across any great finds this week?

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