Friday, August 30, 2013


1. Last weekend we spent the day on our friends' boat. The weather was beautiful - we floated, soaked up the sun and the guys enjoyed some cigars. It was the perfect way to send off summer (hear that summer? I'm ready for you to leave now)

2. Minion Dynasty - thank you for combining my favorites.

3. While looking through my phone pics I came across this - I can't believe I never shared it! This is the Pink School House in Mason, Michigan...isn't it adorable? And yes, its been pink since it was built in 1854. :) It makes me happy happy happy.

4. I love this idea from Chatelaine. I started swapping out our summer décor to fall this week. I broke our the snuggly pillows and cozy winter throw blankets. Then I moved on to my fall mantle. The gentleman of the house looked at me a bit odd when I broke out the pumpkins. Even though its still in the 80s outside we are ready for fall on the inside. I think I'm trying to will fall to happen.
if you build it they will come

5. My favorite little guy on one of our many post office runs. We have quite a routine...this is his "let's stop for treats" face. <3

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  1. I weekend on a boat sounds amazing! I also love that pink school house! so very cute!
    Stopping by from H54F!
    Come link up with us!

  2. That pink school house is super cute! And I've been thinking of breaking out my tub of fall goodies lately but it's been 90's here with a 'feels like' temp in the 100s. Bleck. Its just not fallish enough. Today was much cooler though. Maybe soon?? Happy Friday!