Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Kitchen Makeover - Mood Board

Since the Mr. and I recently decided to stay in our current rental for awhile longer we are planning a mini kitchen makeover. Obviously there are a lot of things you can't change in a rental kitchen so we are making some minor upgrades and several non-permanent changes. Here is the overall direction we are heading in:

The plan is to keep a nice balance between feminine & masculine as well as beauty and function. So what is the starting point? Here is what our kitchen looks like at the moment. (I even cleaned for you)

As far as rental kitchens go ours isn't too bad...we've definitely lived with worse. (Under counter refrigerator anyone?) We started by identifying what we can't change and brainstorming ways to draw attention away from the less than lovely. The cabinets aren't going anywhere so the plan is to paint the walls in an earthy walnut color to create a more seamless look. Other plans include an area rug, vintage silver elements & a DIY pantry. Stay tuned - the first project is a simple lighting swap!

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