Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday!

1. Raise your hand if it snowed where you live this week! Odds are pretty high that you hand is up. Here in PA we have had one of the snowiest winters that I can remember! I love the snow, I still get excited to wake up to fresh snow. But since I work from home I don't have to go out on crappy days (which is good because I am terrified of driving in snow).

2. My office makeover that's been a year in the making is pretty much complete! I'll be blogging all about it soon but here is a little sneak peek. Obviously I was so focused on my work that I had to snap a picture.

3. Speaking of the office - I have to share my new artwork! I am seriously in love, Elizabeth Mayville is amazing. When I showed it to my husband he said "Woah, is that you?!" I like to think it is. :)

4. Check out this beauty that I found while thrifting the other day. I immediately sent Brian a photo of "our new dining room set" but sadly it was already sold to some other lucky lady. (I must admit, I am very curious about the room this came out of...and the one its going in to) It gave me a good laugh but it did get me brainstorming. Now I definitely want a tufted, heart-shaped chair for my dressing table.

5. Do you guys watch The Mindy Project? If you don't, you seriously need to! (Go ahead, go watch it...I'll wait) I have been watching last week's season finale on repeat all week. The final scene...!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. How cute, now I want a heart shaped chair, I'd feel like a princess. :)

  2. Hi there...stopping by from the artwork! It's a shame that table was already purchased, it's a beauty! Have a great weekend.


  3. It snowed here today too and I gladly watched from my window :)
    I love that painting. I too thought it resembled you as soon as I saw. Good purchase!