Sunday, February 16, 2014

$8 Mirror Makeover - My Restoration Hardware Knock-Off

You might have noticed a big change on the blog...I am still working out the kinks but am excited to announce that has become!! And now...

You know I love a good thrift store challenge! I found a large framed mirror for $5 - it needed some attention but the lines reminded me of Restoration Hardware's Mansard Scroll Mirror. I'd been coveting this mirror for a few years but could never justify the $345 price tag.

So here is what mine looked like when I brought it home. The mirror and frame were in great shape, which can't be beat at that price. It had holes where hooks once were which I'm sure is why it was priced so low.

I used my favorite furniture paint - Behr's Antique White tinted primer. (No sanding!)I debated a bit on what to do about the holes, they were larger than I'd like to fill but obviously couldn't leave them open. Eventually I found some ornate wooden ornaments at Home Depot which I painted with leftover wall paint and attachd to cover the holes.

I used leftover paint so I was able to create my Restoration Hardware knock-off for only $8! ($5 mirror and $3 for the wooden ornaments) Can't beat that! :)

hi guys!

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  1. The change in your blog threw me off!! I was wondering why I wasn't getting my email updates :P
    The Willow Tree figurine compliments your mirror very well xoxo