Monday, September 2, 2013

Overcoming Decorating ADD

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully none of you have to labor today. :)

I have a serious case of decorating ADD at the moment. Mixed with a side of "more ideas than time". You could be suffering from this (non-deadly & completely made up) disease and not even know it!

Signs & symptoms may include:
-10+ pages full of plans & ideas (mine manifests via PowerPoint)
-"Project supplies" stockpiled in nearly every drawer, closet, etc...
-Sleepless nights caused by the inability to quiet your creative mind
there is no known cure

So what is on top of my list at the moment? The dining room! I mentioned before that we were losing dining chairs left and right recently. Our dining set is older and the chairs just couldn't hold up to regular use. We are down to a chair and a half (meaning one is useable and one is for looks) This is what we've been working with:

sorry friends, you really can't come for dinner

New seating has been ordered and I'm impatiently awaiting its delivery. Check that off the list! Next up - a few fall projects. Then a mini bedroom makeover. Nothing major, just paint, touch-ups and a few diy projects. Then I'll finally finish my office. Then... you see where this is going...

And how cute is this idea?! I'm participating in a Mug Swap over at Girl Meets Camera. I just answered a few quick questions and will get matched with a swap buddy. We'll each shop for a coffee mug for the other and mail them out. So fun! You can join through Sept 11 so check it out!
Mug Swap 2013

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