Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Even the powder room gets a Christmas makeover!

I know what you're thinking. Christmas in the WHAT room?! Think about it though, if you have guests the powder room is one room they almost always visit. Whether you are hosting overnight guests or having a holiday party you can add some Christmas cheer with a few easy additions. And trust me, your guests will notice.

- Swap your regular hand soap for a holiday scent! Homegoods always has a good seasonal selection, I got my huge bottle for $4!

- You can't go wrong with a seasonal scented candle. I have Comfort & Joy going in my Scenty warmer right now! Another favorite Christmas scent is Christmas in Paris by Yankee Candle. Homegoods (again) always has 100s of higher end candles for next to nothing.
(No, this post is not sponsored by Homegoods...I wish!)

-Add a holiday hand towel ...since you need one anyway! Mine is from JoAnn Fabrics. If you're hosting a large gathering single-use guest towels are a great idea. My mother-in-law always does this and I think it's such a nice touch!

-Display a few small decorations if you have room. If you are short on space hang a wreath on the back of the door. A mini tree on the back of your toilet tank. A bowl of glass ornaments or a small figurine...just use what you have!

-Snowflake window clings on the mirror are fun, I loved this as a kid!

-A few sprigs of greenery tucked into the mirror or light fixture add the perfect finishing touch. If you have a live tree this is a great way to use the leftover clippings! It doesn't have to be big to make an impact.

So do you decorate your bathroom? I know I go a bit overboard with my holiday decorating but I can't be the only one! Come back tomorrow and I'll show you something a bit more traditional - my Christmas mantle. :)

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