Friday, December 13, 2013

How to make the perfect mini bow

Did you see the adorable mini bows on the Christmas packages I shared yesterday? They are SO easy to make! And because they have no knot they are flatter than a traditional bow which also makes them perfect for cards or invitations. You can make these in any size & they use less ribbon than a regular bow!

All you need to get started is some ribbon, a pair of scissors & adhesive. I used glue dots you can use tape, hot glue, bubblegum...anything sticky.

1. Cut a strip of ribbon, I wanted a tiny bow so I used a 6 inch strip. Find the center of your strip & place your adhesive there. Fold one tail over & stick to half of the adhesive.
2. Repeat with the other tail.
3. Cut another small piece of ribbon (you will need 2x the width of your ribbon). Affix a second piece of adhesive over the seam you made on the bow's back. Stick your tiny piece of ribbon vertically to the adhesive, wrap around the front & around the back.
4. You are left with an adorable, festive bow!

I original saw these bows in a pinterest pic but when I followed the link the post wasn't in English. This may not be the "correct" way but it works for me! Hopefully this will help inspire some beautifully wrapped presents under your tree. :)
Oh! And P.S. my ribbon is from Michael's.

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