Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I'm Loving This Week

Happy 2013 to all...let's see how long it takes to stop writing 2012!

Right now I am really loving my new winter vignette. I shopped around the house to come up with some "new" items to go alongside a few wintery Christmas decorations that I just couldn't pack away. I'll posting all about my wintery decor soon!

I'm also loving the 2013 someeards calender I got for Christmas. It hangs in the kitchen so every morning I can have a chuckle while making coffee.
My personal favorite...

I'm loving the requests my Etsy shop has been getting from 2013 brides. Its amazing how much social media has woven itself into our lives, I think this sign is a true testament to that!

If You Instagram...Wedding Sign

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  1. Stopping by from WILW... your blog is super cute!

  2. I bet that someecards calendar is hysterical! I should go and get myself one. I have seen a few people pinning those # instagram signs for weddings...such a good idea! Yours is super cute!!

    1. Thank you Rachel! And yes, the someecards calender is the best. You should look for one, I'm sure they are on sale - or will be soon!