Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favs - My Favorite Beauty Products!

Yikes, Friday again? I'm not complaining...but where did the week go?! For this week's favorites I am sharing my favorite beauty products! While I am by no means a expert I AM a licensed esthetician and worked in a hair salon for over 6 I do know a few things. :) I use quite a mix of professional & drugstore products. I think the key is to splurge on a few great products and save $$ on others.

Favorite makeup sponge
Flawless Face Blender by Crown Brush

I picked up a blender sponge at a trade show a few years ago and haven't used a regular makeup sponge since! The blender gives such a great (flawless!) finish. My favorite is from Crown Brush. It is $9.99 but its washable so when taken care of it lasts forever. I wash mine just like I would a brush and have had it for over a year!

Favorite highlight brightener
Clariol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

I have very dark hair naturally so my blonde highlights tend to get orange & brassy. A little squirt of this bright purple shampoo twice a week keeps my blonde, well, blonde. I always mix it with my regular shampoo and caution against using it everyday to avoid blue hair! A small bottle is available for $8.49 at Sally Beauty.

Favorite frizz fighter
Moroccanoil Light

This is my biggest splurge but it is 100% worth it. I always use a pump on my wet hair before combing it out. This is great on dry hair as well so I run a little through the ends of my hair post-blowout. I prefer the Light formula since my hair get oily easily. I would only recommend trying this product if you are ready to become an addict. A full size bottle usually runs about $40 and authentic products are only available through a salon.

Favorite foundation
Rimmel Match Perfection

If Moroccanoil is my biggest splurge this is my biggest steal! I tried this foundation a few years ago when I ran out of the fancy (read: expensive) brand I had been using. Immediately people started complimenting me on how nice my skin was. It gives just the right amount of coverage to hide to scary bits without causing "cake face". Oh, and it stays on all day. A 30ml bottle is $5.99 and you can find it at CVS...or just about anywhere.

Favorite hair brush
Phillips Monster Vent Brush

I never expected to be so attached to a hairbrush...but I just dare you to take away my Monster Vent! I've dropped this thing in the toilet (clean, thank you), pulled it out and sterilized it. The natural bristles don't tangle and leave you with smooth, shiny hair. There is a reason this brush has over 70 positive reviews on the Folica website where it sells for $11.95. (I use the 4.5")

Favorite body wash
philosophy Senorita Margarita

This stuff is amazing. Enough said. Did I convince you? Buy your own from Sephora for $16.50. It lasts forever.

Favorite makeup remover
Unscented baby wipes

I'm letting you in on a big trade secret! Unscented cheapie baby wipes are the best makeup remover out there. If you have normal skin you probably don't need to use a strong cleanser everyday, in fact it could actually dry out your skin. I use a wipe (or two if I'm wearing lot of makeup) followed with a little Murad pore serum & moisturize if needed. You can pick up a pack of wipes at any drugstore for about $3.

Now that I've shared my favorites I want to know yours! (Especially eyeliner, I just can't seem to find one I love)

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  1. Convinced! If I can't drink it might as well bathe in it :)
    I also use Shimmer Lights when my hair is going through a color change.
    Luckily my hair never turned a blue hue.
    My favorite eyeliner us Revlon ColorStay - Black.
    I've used it for years partially b.c it's so easy for me to put on.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check the eyeliner out!