Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Favorite Funny

It has been sweltering in PA this week, yesterday my car thermometer read triple digits at 8:30pm. I would much prefer a blizzard (really!).

Favorite Spot to Snuggle Up

How inviting does this space look? Lots of Ikea items styled to look super luxe!

Favorite Chic Powder Room

My taste is always evolving and I love change...Sometimes I think it's a blessing to be a renter. It prevents me from putting up grasscloth wallpaper on a whim. ;)

Favorite Nautical Bedroom

I am helping design "my" bedroom at the lake. Brian came up with a red, white & blue color scheme (he really wanted a Phillies theme). Those colors lend themselves to a nautical theme perfectly. I love how this room is nautical without being overly themed.
{source - no longer available}

Favorite Event Hair

Isn't this beautiful? My friend did a waterfall rope braid in my hair for a wedding. It was perfect for a hot summer evening!

Favorite Quote

Our lives have become so centered on social media and sharing even the mundane. Unless it is something really special I just don't see the need to share what/where I ate for dinner, what I bought at the grocery store or that my dog is house broken. It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing things for the adulation of others but I try hard to do what truly make me happy.

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